Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Power of Making One Change

In the past, when I've set my mind to taking better care of myself, I've oftentimes tried to make too
many changes at once and ended up failing gloriously to make any real changes at all. I don’t know why I’ve persisted in doing this again and again over the years after failing at it so many times, but I get it now – that for me, trying to make too many changes at once is the perfect recipe for failure. And I don’t want to fail anymore.

With that said, a question comes to mind – is it possible to make just one change and have that change make a real impact in our lives?

The answer is yes. There is probably not a time in my life that illustrates this better than when I started taking a weight-lifting class called Body Pump several years ago

I remember that first morning well. I had just walked into the gym when my friend Debbie (who also happens to be a fitness instructor) asked if I was there to attend her weight-lifting class. I had never attended before. I was not a fitness class person, but instead of saying no, for some crazy reason, I asked what time the class started.

Five minutes later, I was setting up my weights in the class, thinking, “Okay, I’ll do it just this once,” but on that first day I realized how much more I would get out of attending that class than lifting weights on my own, so I have returned twice a week, most weeks, ever since. And I am so much stronger than I was that there is no comparison to who I was before I started taking that class and who I am now – a woman who can easily do more squats or bench presses than I care to count.

So, if you, like me, wonder if maybe the best answer to better health might be making one real change at a time instead of attempting to make many at once, give it a try. Success is very likely just up the road.

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