Thursday, February 5, 2015

Run Couch Potato Wanabee, Run

The greenbelt I walk or jog down in my neighborhood. It is especially beautiful in the springtime. 
I walked into the house yesterday afternoon after a full day of teaching and felt like doing nothing more than plopping myself onto the couch in front of the fireplace, and staying there for a few hours, greeting the kids from the couch when they came home, waving them over to tell me about their day. I'd have a blanket wrapped around my shoulders and a pillow under my head. I'd be lying down, but I'd make make room for them at the end of the couch. I was completely ready to channel my inner-couch-potato self, but then the thought flashed through my mind of how disappointed I'd feel and probably tired if I didn't get my run in before the first child arrived home 40 minutes later.

So, instead of sitting on the couch for even a moment, I changed into my running gear before I could change my mind and headed out into the windy, cold afternoon, Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" blasting through my ear buds. And then, just 30 minutes later, I was back and relaxing on the piano bench as I looked out the window and down the road, waiting for the first child to arrive on the bus. I felt energized and glad I had run after all.

There are times when it is perfectly okay to let our inner couch-potato come out, but most of the time, we just need to tell ourselves, "Run couch potato wanabee, run!" We'll be glad we did.

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