Friday, February 6, 2015

No More Constant Cravings!

I am about two weeks into a much healthier way of eating overall and I feel terrific. I’m in better control of what I’m eating than I have been in a long time, and by control, I do not mean that I count every calorie or even write down everything I eat. I mean that I am focused on eating from the food groups that will do me the most good health-wise – lots of vegetables, some fruits, and then the necessary proteins and whole grains.

I haven’t written much about proteins and whole grains, but for me, they are an essential part of a healthy diet. Having some protein at each meal (though not always at breakfast) keeps my blood sugar level steady, giving me more stamina. I will often have a protein drink after I run or lift weights too as it helps me to recover quicker from the workout. 

The whole grains give me the fiber I need to feel satisfied and full and to keep my digestive system in good check. There is no one food group that does it all for us, and I’m glad I have struck for me what feels like a balanced diet with room for some splurges. 

I still experience some cravings, but they are dramatically subdued now that I am focused on eating healthier overall. And subdued is great because there have been too many times in the past when I have felt ruled by cravings. Subdued cravings feels like a big success.

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