Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is Eating the Healthiest of Us All?

Have you ever talked to someone who conveys an air of superiority about how they are eating compared to you? Or, have you ever felt smug about your own attempts at eating healthy compared to someone else?

These days, I think it’s pretty easy to fall into either of these categories because there are so many ideas, often conflicting, about how we should be eating. I have listened to people who think that dairy products should never be consumed and others who think that only a lunkhead would consume white flour or sugar on their birthday. Some people feel that the only way go is to eat completely vegan, and while maybe that is right for them, it may not be right for the rest of us.

More and more, I have seen individuals take healthy eating on a as a competition with others. At first, it starts out as a few friendly suggestions of what the other person might consider doing better, but quickly becomes a daunting list of things that makes the listener feel like a total loser when it comes to eating healthy, and ready to give up.  

My Advice: Don’t engage in the competition. Eating healthy is not about doing better than someone else. Rather, it is about doing the best for ourselves in a way that sets us up for ongoing success. 

Click HERE to see a short and hilarious comedy sketch video by Studio C about two people who are trying to outdo each other with how healthy they eat. Great for a good laugh.


  1. We're starting the month of March with some new family goals about healthy eating. It will be important not to compare our choices with others' choices...just focus on making better choices for ourselves at a pace that works for us.

    Our main motivation to try "clean" eating is that one of our family members has suffered from severe depression for many years. All the medications and therapies aren't helping like we'd hoped, so we're turning to food-as-therapy to find answers.

    Avoiding sugar, eliminating wheat, adding probiotics...I'm hopeful that we'll soon be feeling much better.

    1. Tracy, Sorry I did not respond to your note sooner. I hope March went well. Would love to hear how things went, whether you share here or get in touch with me personally. As far as eating for dealing with depression, emotional equilibrium, etc., I love the series of books by Kathleen DesMaisons, including Potatoes Not Prozac and others. She makes a compelling case for balancing our diets to feel better emotionally. It is not always the whole answer, but more and more, I'm reading that it can help. I look forward to hearing from you. Hope things are going well.