Tuesday, January 13, 2015

When You Want to Eat the Whole Horse (or House)

For all of my talk about experiencing fewer cravings recently, today is not one of those days. Today, I feel like I could eat an entire horse or, better yet, an entire house. And not just any house. It would be a house made of steak - a big, juicy medium-rare rib-eye with crumbled blue cheese on top and a baked potato on the side. And then for dessert, I'd have the most fantastic bread pudding you can imagine, except that...I'm not going to do it.

For starters, my food budget doesn't generally allow for rib-eye steak on just any Tuesday, and while I could raid the fridge and pantry or make a beeline to a decent fast-food joint for something affordable, quick and yummy, it isn't in my best interest.

As filled as I am with cravings right now, I choose not too succumb to what I know would turn into a binge. Why? Because, as good as it would feel while eating, I wouldn't feel so good afterwards. In fact, I'd feel awful physically - tired, and sluggish with an upset stomach - and probably worse emotionally because of the disappointment I'd feel in myself.

I believe in allowing ourselves splurges, just as I blogged about in my last post, but today feels like a splurge would turn into an all-out eating fest that would do me no good.

I note as I feel these cravings that I also feel a little down today, disappointed about a couple of things and concerned about one or two more. Those feelings may be contributing to my impulse to indulge. Eating out of control would not help remedy those disappointments or alleviate those concerns, so instead of responding with a binge, I will allow myself a splurge today that has nothing to do with food. Not sure yet what that will be, but I will figure it out.

As far as food goes today, as soon as I end this post, I'm going to go have some cottage cheese with crushed pineapple and a salad on the side, inspired by a reader's comments to yesterday's post. I think that will help, and on a day like today, it's good to have some help.

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