Friday, January 30, 2015

The Rewards of Eating Healthy for Even a Few Days

Day Five of eating healthier may seem like no big deal to some, but to me, it feels pretty significant, something worth noting. Here are a few of the rewards I've experienced for eating healthier over the last few days:
  1. I have more energy. None of the energy slumps I experience on the days I eat poorly. I find that I am more productive in the late afternoon/early evening, which is a good thing since I usually feel like I'm about to tank toward the end of the day.
  2. I feel less bloated and achy. Too much sugar and salt make my hands, feet, and abdomen feel swollen, and probably causes inflammation throughout my body, which I suspect is what makes me feel especially achy at times. By eating healthier these last few days, I feel far less bloated and achy. My stomach is flatter and I don't feel that awful swelling in my hands and feet. 
  3. I am sleeping much better. When I'm not focused on eating healthy, I tend to especially overindulge in the evenings, which often leaves me hyped up on sugar and chocolate. When this happens, I cannot fall asleep until late at night, which makes me super fatigued the next day, hence chasing more sugar for energy, resulting in late and short nights. After a few days of eating healthier, I have eased into a better sleep schedule with little effort (no sugar/chocolate keeping me awake) and I sleep better once I'm out. 
  4. I am experiencing a positive ripple effect in my self-care. I am finding that when I make better choices in one area of my life, I tend to make better choices in others. I am meditating regularly now. I have returned to taking walks with my son after we get home from school and work. And I find myself pausing now when I feel stressed to take a few relaxed breaths rather than reaching for a cookie. 
On the days I'm tempted to stray well off the healthy-eating pathway, I will look back at this list and press on. What benefits have you experienced from eating healthier? I hope you'll make your own list and keep it handy. Let's all press on.
One thing that helps me to press on when it comes to walking and jogging is to keep my running shoes out where I can see them when I roll out of bed in the mornings.

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  1. I definitely feel all of the above, but I also feel cravings stronger today, probably because of the serving of tasty but fat-filled lasagne I had last night. I am determined to stay strong today. I had a healthy breakfast and a healthy lunch with a large salad. I will press through to the end of today. No more lasagne for me right now. I can stay the course. - Debra