Saturday, January 10, 2015

Reviewing and Revising Goals for an Energetic Life

So last Saturday, I enthusiastically set three primary goals for my first full week of eating healthier, and today I'm ready to hold myself accountable. So how did I do? 

Goal #1: I will eat 2-3 servings of fruit a day and 7-9 servings of vegetables. Overall, I did extremely well on this one, eating fruits and especially vegetables plentifully, except for Wednesday, which was my falling-off-the-horse day. And even then, it was eating fruits and vegetables later in the day that subdued the cravings set into motion by the poor food choices and helped me to get back into
the saddle.

This was the most important goal I set as I launched into a healthier eating plan. I feel so much better physically than I did before I committed to this goal. I am more energetic. A lot more energetic. I feel less sluggish. I don't feel as tired when I wake up in the mornings. I feel less cravings overall. I feel more even-keeled emotionally. And I feel more ready to tackle my daily have-tos and enjoy the daily get-tos. No kidding. I feel so much better today than I did before I started, that there is no comparison.

Goal #2: I will keep a food diary for the next week. Reality-check. I didn't do so well in this area.  In fact, it was a big fail. My excuse: It was an extremely hectic week with last minute preparations for my daughter's mission trip to Africa. We were on the go, trying to get everything she needs for her 18 months over there. So, will I forgive myself my epic fail?...the answer is...Yes!!! I was far from perfect on this particular goal, but I'm making progress overall. I don't know if I have lost any weight yet (weigh-in is Monday), but I am definitely feeling more energetic and less bloated.

How to go forward? I have located my underused food diary and bound it to my planner with a rubber-band. That way, I can't look at my planner without remembering to record what I've eaten on a given day. I'm not too keen on the idea of recording what I eat every day for the rest of my life, but I believe it can be insightful and a great tool for launching my healthy eating goals. I'm ready to give it another chance.

Goal #3: I will slow down when I eat and savor my meals and snacks. I did okay on this goal, though clearly not super well or I would not have experienced the setback I had on Wednesday. I will be honest, this one is going to take some time. After all, my eating habits (too much, too fast) are deeply rooted in my childhood. My mother says that I was a very happy baby as long as she kept me fed, so as a young mom living in a foreign country with two kids (my sister was just 13 months older than me) and a husband who traveled, she kept the bottles coming. And over time those bottles turned into other comfort foods, which I devoured given the chance. I can still remember as a young child times when I would rush through my bowl of ice cream so I could have seconds before it was all gone. So, yes, this one's going to take some time.

How will I make progress this week? I will sit down when I eat (ate on the run more than was probably necessary this week), and focus on really tasting and savoring my food, allowing eating to serve as a meditation. My primary goal in this area is to turn off the automatic pilot while eating so I can enjoy less food more.

In the past, I would have felt defeated that I had not done better on goals #2 and 3, and especially defeated by my bad-food day on Wednesday, but not anymore because now I am focused on making progress instead of achieving perfection. And that's a good thing because a hyper-focus on perfection in eating/dieting is what has set me up for failure in the past. Mistakes are invetible, but we don't have to stay stuck by them. 

Despite an imperfect week, I'm glad that I kept going because today I feel so much better than I otherwise would. It feels good to feel this good!

Take Action: Set at least one food/eating goal this week. Make it concrete and doable.

Not the most captivating of subjects, but I want to show you that I really have bound my food diary to my planner. I'm going to do it. I'm going to record what I eat as a tool for eating healthier.

Sneak Peek at Tomorrow's Post: Gratitude: A Powerful Key for a Happier Life


  1. Where did you get your food diary? It looks cute.

  2. I found my food diary at the library. They were offering them free for awhile at check-out. The diary was put together by I looked on their site to see if you could order some but didn't find any. Keep an eye out at your local library. The cover is purple and white. It says, "best journal forever" on the front. The journals are targeted at teen girls, and I guess, teen girls at heart.