Monday, January 12, 2015

My First Weigh-In and What's Working

I stepped on the scale first thing this morning, and I have lost 3.2 pounds since January 1st!!! And I have done it without a crash diet (or any gimmicks or special products), and I feel fantastic. My new way of eating is absolutely doable, which is a very good thing.

As an FYI, my starting weight was 173.8 pounds and my current weight is 170.6 pounds. And that is the morning after my planned Sunday evening splurge meal, which included a divine hot chocolate tasting party (and coffee cake) with my family and a close friend. I am very close to breaking my first weight-loss goal to be below 170. I am just under 5'9" tall.

Right now, I am not setting an overall weight loss goal. I want to take it about 5 pounds at a time, and see how it's going. This is more about feeling good than it is about arriving at an exact number on the scale, though let there be no mistake, I welcome the weight-loss.

Here's what's working for me so far:
  1. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables plentifully. This is the one big change I made at the beginning of the year. I did not banish or limit any foods. I just focused on eating more of what is good for me. And the results have been amazing. Such a plan has kept me from feeling terribly deprived, and helped me to feel more nourished, and more energetic overall, with fewer cravings.  
  2. Being Accountable. Writing a blog/journal has made me a more conscious eater...more thoughtful about what I eat and the connection between what I eat and how I feel. I am making healthier food choices overall because I am thinking things through more carefully, and also because I know I'm going to be reporting back to you.
  3. Realizing that a setback doesn't have to mean failure. In the past, when I fell off the horse, I stayed down and dug myself into deeper failure by eating more and more. I now know that, instead of giving up and beating myself up, I just need to make food choices going forward that help me to energize and thrive. A bad afternoon or even a bad day can be just a blip in the overall scheme of things. 
  4. Knowing that I can lose weight without adhering to a stringent diet. I have not super-deprived myself on this new eating plan. I have had little Finnish chocolates several times this past week. I had a terrible food day last Wednesday, but then recovered and have lost more than 3 pounds in a matter of days.What a revelation this is. It gives me confidence going forward.
With all of this said, my goal this week (to compliment my Saturday goals) is to eat super healthy overall with two or three splurges sprinkled through the week. So, right here, right now, I am committing to allowing myself a Sunday Dinner & Dessert Splurge, with the qualification that whatever I eat for that splurge must be super delicious. Also, I will allow myself two other splurges this week - (1) another meal of my choice and (2) a second dessert or dessert-snack or equivalent.

This means that about 85% of the time I will focus on eating to nourish, energize and thrive and 15% of the time, I will allow myself to indulge. This feels right for me this week but is subject to change in the weeks to come. I believe that having built-in splurges will keep me from having the kind of out-of-control Wednesday I had last week. I will keep you posted. I'm feeling great.

A Few Questions: What's working for you right now? What could work in the future? What do you think of built-in splurges? Could they be part of the answer for you?

Here's my before photo. Yes, I'm 11 days and 3 pounds late taking it but better late than never.

When I look at this photo, I see a woman who carries extra weight but feels way more energetic and healthy than she did just days ago. I feel like I'm on my way.


  1. How encouraging this post is! I feel inspired to up my game and add more vegetables to my diet. I do alright with the fresh fruits, but the veggies? Not so much.

    One think I've added to my diet that always makes it easier to not overeat is cottage cheese. It's rich, it's filling (even in small portions), and it doesn't carry a large glycemic load or a lot of calories. Cottage cheese makes me happy :)

  2. Tracy, Thanks for your mention of cottage cheese. I seriously think that's just what I need today (Weds 1/13) to get over a bout of mean and nasty cravings. I'm thinking a little cottage cheese with some crushed pineapple might just do the trick, with a side of salad, of course.

  3. I like the focus of this post. For me, there is the constant battle between with what I know for sure works and what I can actually do over a sustained period of time. The greater the intersect between those two circles of the Venn diagram, the greater the chances of success. For example, I KNOW that 6 small meals of 200-250 calories or so, per day are perfect for a woman's metabolism and to lose weight. Especially when there is sufficient protein. But that does not work in practice for me. I am far better suited to eat the three meals 500 calories. Partly because of schedule, but also because I would prefer eating larger meals and the feeling of satisfaction that brings to me, as opposed to grazing on multiple small meals.

    So identifying perhaps "second best" options that can still do the trick is important. I am great at not eating at night,after 5 or 6, once I am in the habit. Sometimes if I have had a set-back during the day I know I will at least keep my cut-off time and therefore feel that re-setting of my metabolism by morning. It is my favorite "dieting" trick. Not eating late.

    And I second cottage cheese. :)


  4. Victoria, I agree wholeheartedly with striving to figure out what works over a sustained period of time...I can do a lot of things for a day, but what can I do for many days on end without having a terrible long-term setback? Also, I'm inspired by your strength in establishing and maintaining a 5 or 6 p.m. cut-off. That alone could probably save most of us quite a few unnecessary calories and add up to some much-needed weight-loss. I'm going to get more serious about doing that. Thanks for the inspiration and practical suggestions.