Friday, January 9, 2015

Back in the Saddlewith with a Breakthrough (Part 2)

Feeling a little under the weather today (respiratory illness), but taking good care of myself on the food front. Homemade chicken soup (with brown rice instead of noodles) is simmering on the stove, and I'm drinking a green smoothie as I write. Also, I'm planning to have a large leafy green salad with dinner, topped with a new salad dressing - Lemon Tarragon. Yum!

Though I'm not feeling so good today, I want to take a moment to share what I'm learning, and I'm learning a lot about taking better care of myself with the food I eat.

Most importantly, I think I've made a breakthrough. I now get it that when I have a bad day food-wise, I can get back in the saddle the very same day by making my next food choice a choice to eat something good for me, say steamed broccoli with fresh-squeezed lemon or a sweet potato with cinnamon.

In the past, when I've fallen off the horse and begun to eat out of control, I've pretty much given up for that day, eating anything and everything until the day is over. And, as a result, I feel worse and worse as the day goes on, physically and emotionally. I feel defeated and like I have to have a new day (a clean slate) to begin again. 

And when that new day comes, I am plagued with cravings (set into motion the previous day) and anxious that I'm going to have a slip-up and if/when I do, I feel I've fallen off the horse again and I eat my way through to the end of another day and, sadly, before I know it, days and days of eating terribly have added up.

I now know that it doesn't have to be like that. The more good food choices I make each day, even if I eat too much of something that isn't good for me on a given day, the better I will feel overall and the less I will crave foods that are low in nutritional content, and the more likely I am to eat an overall diet that is highly beneficial in terms of energy level and a sense of well-being. 

For the next two days (today and tomorrow), I want to continue to eat super healthy, and then on Sunday, I'm going to allow myself a splurge dinner. And just for the record, if I'm going to splurge, the splurge has to meet the high-bar test of my daughter's Finnish chocolates. Until then, I want to indulge myself with the ultimate splurge: foods that make me feel fantastic. I hope you'll join me.

A Question for You: What inspirations or breakthroughs have you had when it comes to eating?

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