Friday, January 30, 2015

Accountability Check-In: Feeling Satisfied, Thankfully

So, I'll be honest, today was hard. Like I said in my earlier post (in the comment section), I ate a healthy breakfast and lunch, but still ended up pretty hungry and with cravings this afternoon. Friday afternoons have traditionally been "treat time" at our house after a busy week. And I'm not talking about a super-healthy treat either. I was tempted several times to dive into a pan of brownies or something similar. Thankfully, I didn't have any brownies in the house.

So, instead, I went for a run and then came home and ate a delicious black bean and brown rice burrito as well as a green salad while my family ate the leftover lasagne. I still felt hungry after dinner, so I made a protein drink and I finally feel satisfied. I am especially vulnerable when I'm hungry and I don't need to be hungry tonight while my family has ice cream. I am committed to finishing this day strong.

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